We’ve Got Some News to Share!

We’ve got some news to share!
We wanted to provide you with an update on a few exciting projects that we’ve been working on.

Roasting since 1995
First up – we’ve had a bit of a makeover. As of today, we will officially be known as Reunion Coffee Roasters. This name change comes with a fresh new look inspired by our legacy as Canadian coffee pioneers. We’ve refined our heritage-infused color palette and given our full identity a slightly modernized feel to help support the launch of some big plans we’ve got for the future and for our coffee.

Our New Retail Coffee Bag
Our 12oz retail coffee bag will be the first to feature our new branding (in fact, if you place an order for our current small lot coffee, it’s packaged in our new bag and available now). We’re especially excited about the improvements we’ve made on this piece. 60% compostable and nearly 100% renewable, this Biotre 2.0™ bag is the perfect vehicle for our freshly roasted coffee.

What’s Next

In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, we have decided to gradually transition our packaging and product lines with our new branding over the course of the summer. As new items are set to roll out, we will provide you with continuous updates so that you know what to expect and when to expect them.