Guatemala La Soledad – Now Available!

We are excited to announce our first Small Lot of 2019, Guatemala La Soledad. Shop it here.

Surrounded by lush old forests, Finca La Soledad is located in the Acatenango region of Guatemala and has been a Perez family coffee farm since 1895. Named in honor of Grandmother Soledad Perez, the farm is 91 hectares (45 dedicated to coffee, 46 to rainforest) of mountainous terrain and looks nothing like the farms we are used to in North America.

Our relationship with the family dates back 14 years and represents our first direct coffee partnership.

The final cup is a celebration of the Perez family’s progressive, sustainable and ethical approach to coffee production. Rich and smooth, we roast this coffee just enough to highlight tasting notes of golden raisin and roasted almond with a sweet citric acidity.

Visit Finca La Soledad’s Instagram to learn more.