Coffee Trends We’re Watching in 2019

We sat down with our Director of Coffee, Liz Bishop, to see what she’s most excited about in coffee trends for the year ahead. She narrowed it down to three critical areas: fermentation, pushing for fairness – top to bottom – in the coffee value chain and the continued impact of the legalization of cannabis.


“Further exploration into controlled coffee fermentation at origin will continue to expand in 2019. Wet mills and farms processing their washed coffee with specific strains of yeast into controlled environments has proven to be a complete game changer. By doing this, researchers are seeing the impact when cupping, to bring out specific and consistent characteristics in the final cups; while simultaneously reducing water usage and fermentation times.”


Value Chain Transparency

For 24-years, Reunion Island has acknowledged the fragility of the coffee industry and made it our mandate to form direct coffee relationships with producers around the world who share in our commitment to quality coffee farming that improves the families and communities of those who produce it. There will be a continued focus on the coffee market crisis this year and a movement to more sustainable purchasing and practice methods. Every player in the value chain, from producers to roasters to baristas, will have to rethink their roles within the system and push for positive change.”

Coffee & Cannabis

“Since legalization, we’ve already started to see a rapid increase in beverage companies across Canada look at incorporating cannabis and CBD into their product lines. We’re especially interested to see how this will roll-out in 2019, specifically in the ready to drink category.”